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Jeff Kathan is a big man. His job is simple...deliver
the groove like a cattle brand from God.
Deliver, he does, in spades.

THE FACTS: Jeff Kathan is a professional
drummer who has had the honor of playing
with such legendary rock artists as Paul Rodgers
(Free, Bad Company, The Firm), Ronnie
Montrose (The Edgar Winter Group, Montrose,
Gamma), and Howard Leese (Heart).
With year’s of international touring experience
as the rhythmic backbone of The Paul Rodgers
Band, Kathan has earned his place as one of
the world’s most respected touring drummers.

With a stature somewhere under 20-feet tall
with arms the size of small oak trees, the term “power drummer” is often
used to describe the big man, but Kathan’s talents are hardly limited to one
style of skin bashing. Jeff has also brought a Blues/Funk groove to acts like
Spike and the Impalers (featuring KZOK’s Bob Rivers and Spike O’Neill)
and the Sir Mix-A-Lot produced project, Outtasite. The high demand buzz
that has been generated among producers in the industry is due in part to this
type of immense versatility.

Jeff has also earned many endorsements with highly respected companies
such as: D.W. Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Remo Heads, VATER Drumsticks,
Buttkicker, CAD Mics, Puresound, Randall May, Levy’s Cases, Westone,
Red Bear Cleaner, Holz and Starflight cases.

THE STORY: At the tender age of eight years old, Jeff Kathan first discovered
that he wanted to play drums. While visiting his grandfather in
Colorado, Jeff was introduced to the jazz recordings of legendary drummer
Gene Krupa. That profound event proved to be pivotal to the direction the
rest of Jeff’s life would take.

After years of practicing and playing with several local bands in the
Northwest, Jeff soon found himself playing with some of the top bands in
the Seattle region. The traction he gained in the local music scene eventually
led him to work with producer Mike Flicker of Heart fame. With Mike’s recommendation,
Jeff was recruited to play on some major recording sessions
for Dixon House Masked Madness (A&M), Trooper’s Money Talks (RCA),
and The Kinetics (Etiquette Records).

Jeff continued to practice hard; doing as many session recordings as he
possibly could, and playing live on a regular basis. He performed with Vancouver,
BC area bands like Code Red before returning to the Seattle area,
where he played with local acts The Kinetics, Fighting Cocks, and the Rogers
Rogers band. Jeff’s relentless ambition helped bring his playing to new
heights. Always striving to become better at his instrument, Jeff began adding
more depth to his playing and was soon recruited by former Heart guitarist
Howard Leese and bassist Jason Boyleston to form The Howard Leese

Jeff was later approached by Paul Rodgers’ manager to bring the entire
Howard Leese Brigade to audition for Paul Rodgers and soon landed the
gig. Howard Leese would temporarily leave to tour with Heart, and Randy
Hansen was brought in to take over on guitar until Leese completed his touring
obligations. When Jason Boyleston later decided to retire, Jeff recruited
bassist, vocalist and good friend Lynn Sorensen to take over the bass duties.
Together, they helped orchestrate the arrival of Joe Shikany as a second

Jeff spent much of 2007 touring throughout Europe and the US with Paul
Rodgers, but during any time off during the tour Jeff and bandmate Lynn
Sorensen kept themselves busy by playing local gigs and recording with
Spike and the Impalers, The Fabulous Johnsons, Magic Bus and of course
Sex And Violins.

Jeff spends his “free time” trying to hone his craft even further by finding
new artists to play with, while increasing his workload in the studio as well.